Dedicated to the Inner Movement

This Sagittarius new Moon partial solar eclipse occurs on November 24 at 10:10pm PST and on November 25 at 1:10am EST/ 6:10am GMT. It will be seen at the bottom of the world in Antarctica, South Africa and New Zealand.

This New Moon is a Solar Eclipse as well as a Super Moon, which provides intense energies that can shift our awareness and beliefs. The Moon is at its closest to the Earth now, exerting a greater pull on both our inner and outer waters; the Solar Eclipse brings the Moon onto the same plane as the Earth and Sun, setting up a new energy grid as the old one dies out. This Sagittarius New Moon wants to expand our beliefs about what is possible. In this dark time, the light of Sagittarian truth sparks our curiosity and deepens our belief in Life.

Jupiter is in a wonderful helpful aspect with Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo for this solar eclipse New Moon. What we work on during this expansion we can manifest.

for complete information on the astrology behind this moon phase please visit one of my favorite sites:

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