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KNOW THYSELF Series: The 12 Disciples of Man

The Twelve Disciples:

  1. The Integumentary System
  2. The Nervous System
  3. The Muscular System
  4. The Skeletal System
  5. The Cardiovascular System
  6. The Circulatory system
  7. The Lymphatic /Immune System
  8. The Urinary System
  9. The Respiratory System
  10. The Digestive/Gastrointestinal System
  11. The Endocrine System
  12. The Reproductive System



With 60,000 miles of vein and vessel traveling within us, circulating 6 quarts (1.5 gallons) of blood through the body two to three times every minute; traveling a range of 12,000 miles per hour, or four times the distance across the U.S. from coast to coast every minute!  Can you even conceive the thought of YOURSELF???

To Begin:  Man is constructed of 12 major organizations that work interdependently to sustain life force.  These organizations consist of an intricate network of disciplined systems that operate in synchronistic patterns to support and maintain the independent operation of each system.

These twelve systems produce, sustain, and enhance the physiology of the human formula; independent from man’s effort or awareness; the preprogram of the brain so to speak.  It is an intricate network of universal forces and counter-forces that establishes the foundation of life as we know it.

The flawless system of cooperation and interdependent support expressed in the human form is the Natural Scripture of organization for our express benefit.  It’s counterpart, by man, known as the ‘Holy Scripture’ written in obscure allegory is within the premise of the 12 Disciples of Jesus; and just as the one disciple who failed, brought down the whole body of Jesus’ primary followers; so too, the betrayal of one our internal systems will bring down all our primary systems.   My goal is to understand which system did ‘Judas’ represent and guard against it’s corruption.



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