Dedicated to the Inner Movement

“When the two become one and say, ‘Mountain Move;’ the mountain will move!”

Diary of A Sufi Woman:

sun - moon rise

Tomorrow morning the new moon rises with the sun to intensify the powers of the universe with masculine and feminine forces rising together; together the forces of Dark and Light will rein for twelve hours. — ”When the two become one…”

Check your location for the exact rise and set times. 


In my location:

The sun rises tomorrow at 6:25 am and sets at 7:49 pm

The moon rises at 6:24 am and sets at 7: 54 pm


If you are a practitioner who works with the energy alignments of the universe this is the time to bring forth and send out.  This is a time when the rulers of the hours are at work even if you do not call them to aid by name.  But for the layman; the average woman all you need is to insert your intention at the rising hour, hold onto it…

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