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Magic Moon Practice: a Force of Influence

There are 2 unique days each month, one during the full moon and one during the new moon, these are called Magic Moon days.

To better understand:

Think of the Earth as a physical, conscious body. It is alive and producing all the things it needs and desires to flourish and continue living.  Everything that grows on this physical conscious body is implemented into seasons so that all things work in unison to produce the best possible outcomes.  Different things ripen at different times and the time comes for other things to pass away and become compose for more things to come; all things working in a superior harmony to compliment the full potential of planet life.

Think of the Moon as an ethereal, subconscious body. It is potent with the knowledge of everything needed and desired by the physical conscious body. From here all things necessary to produce those needs and desires are organized, regulated, and implemented to manifest the best possible outcomes consistent with and conducive to all the planet’s needs and desires.

For example, the conscious earth produces healing herbs because the subconscious moon knows the desire for it to be healthy; and sets the conditions for growth of various herbs that must be implemented for this outcome to be true, then regulates it within the organization of all the other things to be harmoniously and effortlessly manifested in due time.

As Above So Below

With allegoric understanding of the above, you are the Earth and everything in your life represents the conscious; your mind is the Moon and everything controlled by it is the subconscious. With this wisdom, contemplate the benefit of having an opportunity to force new influences on your subconscious when the moon is highly vulnerable.  This unique period of time produces a penetrable energy we can take advantage of ethereally.  The energy is real and the penetration of our thoughts into this energy happens whether we control which thoughts penetrate or not…and often why our lives are not conducive with our desires.  This is the force behind the Law of Attraction—focus on what you want all the time, you are bound to influence the 2 unique periods of penetrable energy that open each cycle (month).

For more Details about the Magic Moon see previous article: A Day Without a Moon Set: Magic Moon days  

Preparing for the Magic Moon Day.

To prepare for the magic Moon day whether it be the setting or the rising moon, you should empty the body as much as possible by fasting or eating very little 24 hours before the magic day. You should also drink plenty of water the day prior (food clogs our thinking process, water helps our thoughts become more fluid).

You can find the hour of the moon set or moonrise by clicking here:

  • In the menu bar go to: Sun & Moon
  • Click on Moon calculator
  • Put in your location
  • Scroll down the chart to find the day that only has a moon rise or a moon set to see the hour of occurrence.

Moon Set Meditation (the full Moon – decreasing)

This meditation must be started at or any time after the moon set hour of the Magic Moon Day until the moon rise of the next day to complete your meditation.

In a quiet space bring yourself to quiet Mind by focusing on your breath and letting go of all distracting thoughts. Once your mind is quiet begin visualizing the things that you want “out” of your life to be leaving. For example if you are in a bad relationship with someone, picture them leaving or you packing your bags and going out the door; in illness, if it is a tumor, picture it growing smaller and smaller until it disappears. Anything that you want to go away, visualize it leaving you and stay with this visualization until you get an “urge” of satisfaction that it is done. It is suggested that you visualize one thing at a time until you are satisfied with its leaving before you start another one. In this way you can do as many as you like so long as you do not rush through any of them.

Moonrise Meditation (the New Moon – increasing)

This meditation must be started at or any time after the moon rise hour of the Magic Moon Day until the moon set of the next day.

Same as previous, in your quiet place, bring yourself to Quiet Mind. Begin visualizing the things you want coming into your life. For example, if you want more money, you can visualize your bank statement growing with increasing deposit amounts, or you can visualize receiving multiple checks in the mail and opening them to find wonderfully large amounts payable to you. If you want a new car or home, picture yourself driving that car or living in that home you want; i.e. go grocery shopping in your new car, come back and cook up a good meal in the beautiful kitchen or your new home.

The key to Magic visualization is not just seeing yourself doing things as if you are an actor in a play, but fluidly causing the unfolding of these things from your mental point of view; you have to feel the texture of the carpet, bear the weight of the object you hold, form the words you speak, hear the words of others entering your ears, feel the emotion as if it were real, etc.

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