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When Mercury is Retrograde …

… other planets appear to be traveling backward through the zodiac; this is an illusion. We call this illusion retrograde motion.

2015 Retrograde Dates In 2015, Mercury will be retrograde during:

  • January 21 – February 11
  • May 19 – June 11
  • September 17 – October 9


This Mercury retrograde will give us many signs and signals for what will dominate Mercury-ruled areas from mid-February through mid-May 2015. This retrograde is a time to review past goals and ambitions, and take a new look at how things were unrealistic given the larger group or social environment. Here we take a new look at what’s behind us before moving forward anew at the end of the RX period in mid-February. We can get all kinds of new insights into future potentials, while seeing things in the recent past differently.

The Inferior Conjunction happens January 30 at 11 Aquarius. That indicates the coming “fusion of life and mind” will help us to a new look, new interpretation, or new understanding of the issues associated with the middle decan of Aquarius, as well as what Jupiter taught us in February 2009, when it occupied that exact degree.

So welcome many things being reviewed or coming back up to surface these next three weeks thanks to the retrograde quality of the time. Some will review past efforts to see what still needs to be integrated into the life, and/or there could be returns, rehearsals, or echoes of the past and its hopes, dreams, assumptions, and ambitions.   Read this full Article, wonderfully written by Robert Wilkinson on “The Guide of Souls in January 2015.”  This will be another important retrograde, where the past will be reviewed to see what we can and cannot bring with us into the future in mid-February. It will help us rehearse or do the research we need to get ready to spring forward in early March, clear about what we know, what we need to know, and what must happen if we are to move forward in our lives.

Another Important Perspective

Welcome Mercury Retrograde! 

Hopefully by now we have all learned not to fear it, for it is simply a part of the natural cosmic cycles and can bring with it many valuable gifts!

After a strong beginning to 2015 which has moved us into setting plans in forward motion, we have an opportunity to slow down a bit and now go over the plans we have set.

This is a great time for going over the details, researching, reflecting, cleansing, clearing, and delving deeper into the various aspects and dynamics at hand.


Thanks for reading…Here’s a free printable copy for your 2015 collection:   2015 Mercury Retrogrades


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