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Stonehenge Summer Soltice Meditation

The new moon begins at 11: 03 AM June 19, 2012  — Just hours before the 2012 Summer Soltice:  Another spectacular cosmic event for the year of change.

The Summer Solstice is a time of prosperity and community. It’s a time of relationships and harmony. Through time the solstices and equinoxes have been celebrated with festivities and spiritual rituals. They show how we are part of nature and its rhythms, e.g., with the increase in the amount of daylight in the summer and spring we feel more energetic because the pineal gland receives more light.

This month’s New Moon is a another rare and powerful New Moon. This is the second New Moon in the sign of Gemini. The first New Moon in the sign of Gemini happened last month of May. New moons signal the beginning of new …emotional cycle providing us with the opportunity to reset our goals and intentions. Gemini’s energy is all about the intellect and communication. Having two New Moons in the sign of Gemini means that we need to pay attention and really listen to the message being given to us. This New Moon is all about The Law Of Attraction. This spiritual law emphasizes how powerful our thoughts are. Everything is made up of energy. Our words, thoughts and feelings are all made up of energy. If we want to manifest positive things in our lives we need to immediately change our negative words, thus changing our thoughts and our thoughts and our feelings at the same time.


Find a place that is quiet and makes you feel at peace.
It may be indoors or outdoors.

Loosen clothing – remove shoes and eye glasses.

Sit down or lie down.
Find a position that is comfortable for you.

Relax and close your eyes.

Take two slow deep breaths
inhale through your nose
hold the breath as is comfortable for you
exhale slowly through your mouth.

Visualize yourself standing alone in the center of Stonehenge.

You look for magnetic north to align yourself with the energies.

You body easily turns in that direction as if you are a magnet.

Feel the energies building.

Stonehenge becomes a circular clock
that begins to spin faster and faster.

As this clock spins around you are transported through time and space.

Suddenly you find yourself back to the time Stonehenge was built.

The builders of Stonehenge greet you.
What do they look like?

They ask you to joint them to discovery
that which your soul has come here to learn.

You join them in the center of the circle as the journey unfolds….

When you are ready to return to your present
timeline stand in the center of Stonehenge.

The circle begins to spin in the opposite direction
traveling you forward in time to the present day.


The 2012 Summer Soltice

So far, the 2 Eclipses have signaled a completion of our older energies and karmas up to this point in time. According to Mayan scholars who are more knowledgeable about such subjects, the recent Transit of Venus ended a major galactic cycle of Time. We are now ready to begin a new awareness of ourselves in relationship to the Galaaxy!

Cleaning unproductive emotions and personal behaviors from our lives has been the general theme up until now. This “housecleaning” may have had changes and transformational impacts upon your intimate relationships, friendships, and even who your business associates are. Generally, this is a time of release and personal transformation, so attempting to “go back” and “patch up” problems with others may just lead to an extended period of wheel-spinning! All of 2012 is a time for all of us to focus on what we need to improve and develop within ourselves!

I know it may sound heartless to simply say, “My path leads in a different direction,” and just leave others behind. But are you? If the past was unproductive and restricting your higher growth and awareness, then going back will not bring you – and others – what is truly demanded from you. Become yourself, and share those spiritual gifts and compassion with others.

As a year of Transformation, 2012 is all about moving up a notch in dimensional awareness and capabilities. Remaining at the level of a 3D (third dimensional) perspective will only provide you with more of what you are trying to grow beyond. Realize that as a species of human, and a planet in general, we are all in an evolutionary state that will do no less than propel us beyond 3D into 4D (fourth dimensional) awareness.

(Rather than describe 3D vs 4D awareness, I strongly advise you to search this subject for yourself to gain a far deeper understanding through self-searching that resonates with your heart.) Basically, we are shifting from linear, rational perspectives to realizations that are heart-centered and holistic.

The Summer’s Solstice on 20 June 2012 (6:09 PM CDT), and going into July 2012, are going to be VERY SURPRISING and UNEXPECTED! One thing I want to say about “this claim” is that up until now, there has also been a lot of “promises” about what we could expect, as provided to us by other psychics and channelers, have simply not happened. Or did they?

Remember, we are in 3D now, and as long as we remain in a linear state of how, what, when, where, our abilities to “see” a transformation are going to be very elusive. Yeah, predicted changes do appear to be moving slowly…or perhaps slower than we think they should be. But is that the fault of the predictions, or is it a fault of ours to shift our awareness and actions to a higher frequential vibration?

I am not trying to place blame, but I am simply trying to point out that we cannot stay where we are in 3D, and like kids in the back seat of car, scream out, “Are we there yet?” No! When we get there, both us and the world around us will appear different! Simply, 3D is more of a rational, brain-centered perspective (that’s why scientists emphasize that we are only using 10% of our brain power). Thus, we must move from that limited perception to one that brings in the heart-centered perceptions of love, inclusiveness, holistic, and nothing is separate. We are all One! When you can get to that awareness – then you have arrived at the beginning of 4D reality! For instance, it has recently been accepted that the electro-magnetic field of the heart is 70% stronger than that of the brain! So, our hearts are providing each of us with a larger field of awareness. Authors like Drunvalo Melchizedek and Gregg Braden have some wonderful YouTube videos that offer visualizations of how the heart’s EMF assumes the shape of a torus, and extends up to 22 feet from our physical bodies! Wow!

Practice this meditation technique: Find a quiet place where you will not be distracted. Early in the morning is a good time to meditate. (I like to open the window and listen to the morning birds singing their songs.) Quieting the mind can be challenge, so, first, pay attention to your breathing. See if you can feel your breath going all the way to the area at or below your belly button. This will enable you to take deep, slow breaths. Secondly, listen and feel your heart beating. Don’t forget to breath. Practice coordinating these 2 sensations. What happens next may surprise you! Images may appear, and these will be messages in and of themselves. Make note of what you are being told – it may surprise you! Namaste!


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